Berger BG | Guarantees
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«Berger» hand tools is the tool with lifetime guarantee.

« Professional » class of tools needs to provide the increased control and monitoring of all tools manufactoring technologies which correspond international quality standards.

The lifetime guarantee is provided upon the following conditions :

If the consumer follows service and storage regulations applied for hand tools.

In case of tool breakage, which occurred through no fault of the consumer (violation of the manufacturing processes, use of low quality materials) broken hand tool is to be replaced in the place of its purchase. For the tools with limited guarantee the consumer should provide the Vendour- company with the document that confirms the fact of purchase.Without this document no tools guarantee repair or replacement is performed.

Lifetime guarantee is performed on condition of correct operation :

  • sockets
  • wrenches of all types but for reversible
  • Extension bars
  • Sliding T-bars.

Limited guarantee (for 12 months)

  • reversible ratchets
  • reversible wrenches, wiry part of Extension bars
  • telescopic extension bar
  • hinge joint
  • order-related tool.

Guarantee does not cover

  • nozzles and inserts
  • screwdriver tips
  • impactor tools
  • reducing couplings
  • lightweight tool
  • torque wrench calibration mechanism.

Guarantee does not cover the tools with the following features :

  • exhaustion
  • natural wear-out
  • structural alterations
  • absence of trade mark
  • deformation of working edges of pliers tools, screwdrivers and bits
  • non main-purpose use
  • нарушение правил и норм эксплуатации и хранения violation of service and storage regulations
  • the impact of moisture and aggressive environments.

Guaranteed service life of the tools (exploitation till natural wear-out)  ТМ BERGER is 7 years.