Berger BG | The Brand
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About Berger

Discover the wonderful world of BERGER products, with its broad range of  authentic tools for construction and manufacturing operations, as well as for  home use.   BERGER produces and distributes Taiwan-designed high-quality hand tools. The brand is well-represented across Europe, Asia and Russia, and the name itself has become synonymous for Taiwan-produced tools.

Taiwan-produced tools have long been known around the globe for their top quality, underpinned by the high quality of steel, machining accuracy, rigorous quality control at each production stage, and a wealth of experience accumulated over decades of cooperation with leading global brands.

BERGER  stands for quality and expertise.

We keep exploring the trends prevalent in the global tool market and stay abreast of the newest innovations in the field. Our design and manufacturing processes are driven by consumer needs and real-life experience of construction and maintenance professionals.

 BERGER®  tools were designed to meet the following criteria:

  • Practical approach – our sets are thought-through, functional, and handy. BERGER® tool kits will be of equal use in production environments or body shops, as well as for small car and home maintenance jobs. New tool kits are designed based on feedback from both professionals and DIY enthusiasts.
  • Ergonomics – grippy rubber and plastic handles offer a comfortable grasp thanks to their oil and petrol resistant characteristics. The case was designed to ensure all tools are kept in place and organized, yet are easy to take out.
  • Durability – BERGER products meet international industry standards and fit all requirements of professional applications. BERGER® tools come with a LIFETIME WARRANTY, which reflects our confidence in the products and compliance with the highest professional standards.
  • AffordabilityТМ BERGER® tools are a perfect example of value for money.

BERGER. Be stronger!